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Name : Celeste Ackelson

Birthday – DOB – Age – Date of Birth : Born in 1982. As of 2018, she is around 36 years old.

Celeste Ackelson Biography Profile & Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Celeste Ackelson, a brown-haired woman with long hair and a curvy figure, is known to friends and family for her impeccable style and great fashion sense.
  • To the public, however, she is known more for her relationship. Currently, Ackelson is married to Brian Baumgartner, an American actor, most popular for his role as “Kevin” in the hit sitcom “The Office”.
  • She now uses the name Celeste Baumgartner.

Personal Life : Family / Marriage

  • She was born in the United States in 1982. Celeste has mentioned little else about her childhood, but notes that she had a fairly average upbringing.
  • Ackelson began dating Baumgartner after he had divorced his first wife, a pianist and performer named Julia Fisher.
  • The pair instantly clicked, with Ackelson often expressing that she loved how much Baumgartner made her laugh.
    On Saturday, April 28th 2014, the couple got married in the backyard of their Los Angeles, California home.
  • She was 32 at the time & Baumgartner was 41.
  • The wedding drew widespread attention from various media outlets due to Ackelson’s stunning dress and the guest list, which included all of Baumgartner’s old castmates.

Children n Kids :

  • In March 2015, one year after getting married, Ackelson gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Brylee Bea Baumgartner. She weighted 7 pounds, 11 ounces at birth.
  • Although Baumgartner has another child with his ex-wife Fisher, Brylee Bea is the couple’s only child together.
  • Ackelson has yet to announce whether or not her and Baumgartner plan on having any more children. Currently, the couple seems very happy together, and do not look like they will be splitting up any time soon.
  • Celeste, her husband, and her daughter all currently live together in Los Angeles.

Artistic Side & Fashion Sense :

  • According to friends and loved ones, Celeste has always had a bit of an artistic soul. She loved reading, and often drew as a child.
  • When she grew older, her artistic side still remained, and she worked on small personal projects for herself and her friends.
  • Eventually, her love of art moved beyond the traditional definition and into the world of fashion. She is always well-dressed, and shows off her sense of style whenever her and her husband head out to events or red carpet premieres.
  • She promotes latest fashion trends in many of of her public appearances.

More Details About Husband :

  • Baumgartner has acted in a variety of roles, but is most known for playing Kevin Malone on the hit NBC show The Office. The Office, now hailed as one of the best comedies in the United States, follows the lives of office workers from a small fictional paper company in Scranton, PA.
  • His character was a sweet, somewhat slow accountant that was known for his love of food and his constant accounting errors.
  • When the couple got married, many of his The Office costars came to the wedding, including Angela Kinsey, Jenna Fischer, Oscar Nunez & John Krasinski.

Marriage & Wedding – Husband – Engaged – Fiance : Currently Married. See above for details.

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